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Professional Firewood service

Sean Burrows Tree Care

All our firewood is a bi product of our tree surgery business so all our are logs are high quality hardwoods such as beech, Ash, Oak & Sycamore. Well seasoned, cut & split to order. Delivery service available or you may prefer collection from our yard , contact us for more details.


Hardwood comes from slow-growing, deciduous trees. Hardwood is favored for nearly all indoor and most outdoor fireplace and wood heating uses. Commonly known hardwoods include oak, ash and birch.


Softwood comes from mostly coniferous trees (those that remain green year-round). These fast-growing trees, including pine, are among the most commonly harvested by the timber industry, although they’re not ideal for indoor fires.

from our professional experience a mixture of softwood and hardwoods work extremely well together.

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