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tree maintenance

Professional Tree Maintenance Service

Burrows Tree Care

Tree maintenance consists of jobs such as pruning and shaping, crown lifting, height & side reduction, removing dead limbs, ivy & thinning.

All these can encourage healthy growth and ensure that the tree is balanced and visually appealing, whilst improving the safety of the tree. All works carried out by Burrows Tree Care conforms to British Standards 3998 2010 . We can offer advice on which is the best option for a particular tree or circumstance.  

A lack of regular tree pruning can have a negative impact on tree’s health. If you don’t trim a tree, it can become weak and will have a decreased chance of surviving, especially in challenging conditions such as storms.

Pruning for tree health involves looking for and removing diseased or decayed branches, those that are infested, or any that are preventing healthy growth. This process also boosts air circulation, which is essential for tree health.

Regular tree pruning promotes strength, creates a healthier structure, and lowers the risk of needing future corrective pruning. Burrows Tree Care. Affordable Tree maintenance Service by Professional Arborists. Contact Us Today. Keep Your Trees Healthy & safe. Tree Surgeon Powys.  

We offer professional services such as:

  • Crown thinning - thinning out over crowded areas. 

  • Crown reduction - reducing the overall canopy of the tree.

  • Crown lift or crown raising - removal of lower limbs.

  • Dead wooding and disease treatment - removal of dead limbs.

  • Pollarding - removal of the crown leaving the stem.

  • Ivy removal.

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