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24/7 emergency call outs

Professional Storm damage service

Burrows Tree Care

24/7 Emergency call out service.

Storms can be tough on a tree and can cause fractures, hanging limbs or complete structural failure. We can make damaged trees safer by removing broken limbs, or can remove the tree completely if the damage is severe. We can offer emergency safety works whether you have one broken branch or an entire fallen tree.  Storm damage caused by trees can have a serious impact on people lives. Thats why we at SBTC go the extra mile and offer 24/7 emergency call out service. 


Strong storms occur during all months of the year, and they can knock down and wreak havoc on trees and their branches. Severe weather with strong winds and heavy rains can even uproot trees and cause them to blow over.

If your tree is on the verge of collapse or even death, there’s a high chance that it will fall easily. After the storm, check all the damage incurred as well as the soil erosion and root exposure. Hiring an professional emergency tree removal company like SBTC will ensure your safety and those around you.

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24-hour Emergency Call Out

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