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stump grinding service

Stump removal/grinding

Burrows Tree Care

Professional stump removal

After you have used our tree removal service you may want to consider our stump removal service. BTC has spent years investing in equipment that makes those challenging tasks much easier and efficient. we remove un wanted stumps with ease. get in touch today to get a quote on your stump removal.

Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons, safety, or the need to clear land in order to plant or build something new, removing tree stumps can be a worthwhile investment. Once you’ve decided you want to eliminate a tree stump on your property, you’ll need to choose between stump removal and stump grinding. 

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

A tree stump may not initially cause problems, but over time it may start to develop problems. After your tree has been cut down, the leftover stump will begin the decaying process. Here’s the main reasons stump removal may be the right choice;

  • Your tree stump will rot over time potentially attracting pests. These can spread out into your garden which may affect other foliage

  • A rotting stump can become a bit of an eyesore. If you landscape your garden, a festering stump may ruin the overall look

  • If you mow your garden, a left over stump could get in the way. And roots can potentially damage your mower, when going over the top

  • Stump removal completely gets rid of the stump and the far reaching roots. This leaves you with a clean slate to plant a new tree or landscape the space

Why Grind a Tree Stump?

Stump grinding is a little less intensive when compared to full stump removal as full stump removal required the use of a large excavator which can create a mess and is expensive to hire.  The other issue with full stump removal is the stump / rootball needs to be disposed of which is also costly. Your arborist will use a machine to grind down the stump into woodchips which can be used as mulch for your yard. A small hole will be left after stump grinding, much less noticeable than with a complete stump removal and some of the trees root system may remain.

  • Stump grinding is an environmentally friendly option

  • It’s a relatively quick and efficient process

  • Stump grinding saves you money in the long run from your stump getting pests or dealing with stump sprouting

  • You can re-use the woodchips as mulch for other plants

  • Stump grinding is an affordable option to smarten up your yard

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