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mini digger hire

Professional Mini digger service 

Burrows Tree Care

SBTC has spent many years investing in top of the range equipment to complete your projects as efficiently and safely as possible.

Minidigger & professional operator hire: Mini diggers are perfect for smaller jobs. They’re efficient machines that make short work of projects, Mini diggers are excavators generally below 7 tonnes. Despite their size, they are an incredibly versatile machine that can be used for a multitude of tasks. A mini digger can be used for the following tasks:​

Pond Excavations

Foundation works

Fencing Projects

Hedge removal

Driveway work

Gardening and landscaping


We follow the ‘less is more’ principle that allows the mini digger operator to create more trenches and complete any other task faster and more accurately.

We are proud of our top-quality minidigger machines and are constantly updating our fleet which means our machines are up to date and well maintained. This helps us stay in line with the latest technologies and provide you with efficient and reliable earthmoving services across powys.

Most of our mini diggers are equipped with rubber tracks to help to protect your surface, leaving minimal damage. Thanks to their compact size we can easily fit through narrower access points making these versatile machines perfect for all types of excavation projects.


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